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If a government is large enough to give you everything what you want

it is large enough to take everything you have.

-Davy Crockett

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance,

and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

-Winston Churchill

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Congress must vote on the fiscal cliff
Posted by Mr Tea   •   Friday, 2012-December-28
So Obama gives this news conference today and his big thing is that Congress must vote on the fiscal cliff. Not appear from what he was saying that he didn't understand that Congress has already passed a number of measures to get by the fiscal cliff. The problem is Harry Reid who controls the Senate, refuses to bring anything to the floor for a vote if it is proposed by Republicans. Reid is probably in fear that his Democratic senators would be in full support of one or more of the plans offered by Republicans.
Even the president has made a proposal to the Senate, which Harry Reid refuses to allow to come to the floor for a vote. Harry Reid is not only not allowing these bills proposed by the Republicans to come to the floor, but he's not even allowing them to go to committee. The problem the Democrats have here is that the farther of these bills move along in the Senate the more the public will see of them. Once a public understands that the Republicans are working hard to solve the upcoming crisis by coming familiar with the legislation the Republicans are proposing, Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats will be in great danger of losing their positions of power.
So what is going to happen here? Is the house going to continue working and proposing legislation that will turn this country around to the great country it once was while the Democrats just come for the pass useless legislation, like renaming post offices and gun legislation?
Just remember folks when you see this big tax bill that is coming up, it was brought to you by three people, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama. They orchestrated and past without any support from the Republicans, Obamacare and the fiscal cliff which we are being driven over at the speed of sound. Four Years now with no budget coming up of the Democratic Senate because of there was a budget would give direction on how your tax money was to be spent. They do not want any restrictions on what they do with the money they are taking out of your pockets this is why they prefer to operate without a budget. It is dishonest and deceitful to say the least.
Obama’s fiscal cliff bill. Budget Control Act of 2011
Posted by don   •   Friday, 2012-December-21
Obama’s fiscal cliff bill. Budget Control Act of 2011
Signed into law by President Barack Obama on August 2, 2011
Everybody is talking about something called the fiscal cliff. But what exactly is this fiscal cliff? The truth the matter is the fiscal cliff was signed into law by Barack Obama August 2, 2011. It is called the Budget Control Act of 2011 and Obama was quite proud of it at the time.
But things have changed now, Obama is no longer proud of his Fiscal Cliff Bill of 2011. He is now claiming that the act caring his signature will devastate middle America, and the possibly bring on a second recession. He is trying to convince America that the Budget Control Act of 2011 is something that he had no control of and he is still trying to blame Bush for apparently forcing him to sign this measure. And to prove that he has nothing to do with it is just packed up and left for why to finish up the last days of 2012 watching the middle class being decimated by George Bush, as he sets on the beach at Waikiki.
Secular humanist have controlled the religious discussion in the public schools
Posted by Mr Tea   •   Wednesday, 2012-December-19
For at least two generations now, secular humanist have controlled the religious discussion in the public schools. This was all discussed long before it happened in the magazine called Humanist. There was an article there calling for new faith, "a religion of humanity" it was called. The magazine called for the battle to be fought in the public schools, with properly trained and dedicated teachers.

So what have these teachers been telling our kids? A few things which we can see now coming out in the way our society is functioning are very evident. Our children are learning that there is no God and that only nature exist. They are told that morality is man-made so that it can be manipulated by man. They are taught the theory of evolution, the Darwin theory, is proven fact and cannot be rebutted. They are taught that man has no soul and no spirit, and the human mind consist only of matter. They're being taught that since man controls morals that the family unit is relative only to those who call themselves a family. And that society should condone the existence of nontraditional families including gay marriage. Politically they are being taught that the world must have a single government so that everyone will have the same chance at life as everyone else. They are being taught capitalism is evil, because apparently only the greedy work.

There is really no denying that the schools have accomplished the humanist secular goals. And I don't believe that you could deny that secular humanism is a religion.
Well the red Herring's come out again gun control.
Posted by Bob   •   Tuesday, 2012-December-18
America will not face up to its problem, and that is its fascination with evil. Vampire movies are becoming of fixation of our youth, and violent video games are some of the hottest items for this Christmas gifts. You have a school system that teaches the 10 Commandments are only relative to those who believe them. Morals are taught as a relative thing, only applying to those who choose to abide by them.

We have abandoned our children to the teachers union who have rewritten history to benefit their social agenda, and the psychologists who believe that all social problems can be solved with the ministering of the right drug.

To put things in perspective the largest school massacre in the USA was in 1927. 45 people were killed and 58 wounded, by a former school board member who later killed himself.

The largest school massacre in the world took place in Russia in 2004. The result was 386 dead and over 700 injured. Russia has very strict gun laws!
Let's talk a little bit about the fiscal Clift.
Posted by Mr Tea   •   Thursday, 2012-December-13
Let's talk a little bit about the fiscal Clift.

The fiscal cliff was designed by both houses of Congress and the president of United States. It received bypartisan support, with the idea that it was something everybody can live with if negotiations stalled or failed by the end of 2012.

So ask yourself, why now the big deal that negotiations are failing and it looks like we are going to take the agreed-upon route, approved by all parties involved. I think that the answer is that politicians are afraid that when the American people see these new taxes, accompanied with the spending cuts, they may actually pay attention and begin to understand massive fiscal debt this country is got itself into. THROW THE BUMS OUT, is the call that the politicians dread to hear, for means a loss of trust in the loss of power.

The truth of the matter is America has lived beyond its means, by depending on fewer people to carry the tax burdens to run a bloated government. Close to half of America pays no income tax, these people received the largest amount the benefits from the government. Entitlements exceed, by far, all other expenditures of the federal government.

We are going to have to go over the fiscal cliff, refused to raise the debt limit, modify entitlement programs like food stamps which go to people that are capable of feeding themselves. The Obama administration tells us that they can cut half $1 trillion from Medicare just on fraud. Please Mr. Obama if you can do it, if you can't shut up.
Union troubles in Michigan
Posted by taxbilly   •   Tuesday, 2012-December-11
We have seen it in Wisconsin now we see it in Michigan. I'm speaking of the unions using thugs to destroy property and to assault persons who disagree with him. What do they call it when someone says to you, "give us your money or we will hurt you?" Where I come from the call that robbery and punishable with 5 to 20 years in prison. Well that is exactly the threats are being made in Michigan as the union thugs gather in mass with the slogan, " there will be blood".

For you that have never belonged to unions let me give you a little bit of a background on what this battle is about. In Michigan the unions are allowed to have closed shops. This means that if you want to work for a business that is unionized, you must join the union and pay union dues.

What happens with these union dues may not be something that you wish to see your money go to. For instance they may use the money to support a particular party during political rallies. This includes paying people to participate in the rally. The money can even go to support social issues like illegal immigration, and abortion.

But say you're okay with these things and you don't mind your money being funneled to a particular party or cause, there are still repercussions for working in a closed shop.

For example:
The unions have great control over things like promotions. Routinely promotions are not given to the persons who the business feels deserves them the most.
They control over time, and work hours. You cannot arrange a private agreement with your employer to have half the day Monday off in exchange for coming in and working half a day Saturday.
In a union shop you may be forced to take a break even if you do not want to.
In a union shop a fellow worker who is incompetent and does not carry his load of the work may keep his job and receive his pay and full benefits just as if he was pulling his full share of the workload.
Your employer cannot come to you and tell you if you finish a job within a certain time limit you'll get a bonus. In fact you will find that if you work too fast the union will approach you and tell you to slow down, because you're making the other workers look bad.
What I am saying is that you can no longer, in a closed shop, have a personal working relationship with your employer. Your working relationship becomes a relationship with your shop steward, and he represents you in all negotiations with your employer. What this accomplishes is the good worker never gets recognized by the employer and is treated the same as the poorest worker in the business.

And in case you don't recognize what this relationship is between the employer, the Union, and the individual employee, it is called socialism.

On the other hand in the right to work state an employee can choose not to pay full union dues. What is really amazing here is that the Democrats who support closed shops do not allow and do not support close shops by US government employees. Can you imagine why they feel that way?
What are the characteristics or traits of a liberal?
Posted by don   •   Sunday, 2012-December-09
What are the characteristics or traits of a liberal?
First of all a liberal equals jealousy. A liberal is jealous of other people's accomplishments, he is jealous of other people's possessions, but most of all he is jealous of other people's happiness.
The Liberals morals are weak and without foundation. The liberal feels the taking a life of a criminal is unjust, but at the same time justifies taking the life of the innocents. A liberal feels that a man who worked for his wealth did so unjustly, but on the other hand feels it is just to take wealth from another person for their own again.
A liberal has no sense of the real world. They believe that a person that works hard to do it not-for-profit but for social benefit. And on the other hand they believe that a person that does not work should have profit. Somehow they believe that people will be inspired to work only for the benefit of those who are the leaders of the government. They believe the taking money out of the private sector and giving it to the government improves the economy, thereby defining a good economy is a wealthy government and a poor people.
Liberals are insecure. He has a feeling that he is incapable of keeping any acceptable lifestyle without the help of the government supported by his neighbors. Liberals are quick to claim they are believers in God but do not turn to God for their needs, believing that those needs would be more served by the secular government.
Liberals are intolerant. Liberals are quick to brand other people intolerant if they do not support their views. The way the liberal conversation goes is that if, "you disagree with me you are intolerant, but if I disagree with you I am correct." Take for instance the subject of abortion, the liberal is tolerant because she approves of abortion, but you are intolerant because you refuse to pay for her abortion.
Liberals are serial liars especially when it comes to the areas of history and their intentions.
In general, liberals are self-centered, egotistical selfish, uncaring, lying ass holes.
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