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If a government is large enough to give you everything what you want

it is large enough to take everything you have.

-Davy Crockett

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance,

and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

-Winston Churchill

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Is marriage in violation of the separation of church and state?
Posted by Bob   •   Saturday, 2012-December-08
Is marriage in violation of the separation of church and state?
It's Christmas time again and we are reminded by all the stories of forbidden nativity scenes, Christmas trees and other signs of what Christmas actually stands for, under the guise of separation of church and state.
This year simultaneously we have stories of government interfering with a solely religious function of marriage. The government originally got into the marriage business by issuing a license for the purpose of stopping interracial marriages. The history of marriage traditionally has never been a function of the state. Marriage was first performed by God himself when he gave Eve to Adam. Why is it that our courts of today cannot see that marriage is the most obvious violation of what they call the separation of church and state?
Wouldn't it be easier if the government just got out the marriage business and returned it all to the church? Different religions have different rules and regulations about marriage, and those with no religion have their own ideas of what marriage should be.
News we can use
Posted by Bob   •   Thursday, 2012-December-06
It is coming out now that unemployment is back up to 8.3%. This is great news for the liberal establishment, it means more depending on their handouts.

Liberals are now saying that taxes must go up on all Americans, not just the rich. Howard Dean has conceded that there is not enough money coming from a proposed tax on the rich to do any good for the American economy. Mr. Dean is basically saying that we must go back to the Bill Clinton era before the Bush tax cuts. Dean stated," the truth is everybody needs to pay more taxes, not just the rich."

The era of peace moves on in the Middle East as Syria loads up sarin gas in the bombs under fighter planes to deal with domestic violence. We also see in a free country of Egypt people surrounding the presidential palace demanding more peace and freedom for their nation.

In other great news we find that there has been a proposed amendment offered to the National Defense Authorization Act, that will impose an online sales tax for all Americans bringing further freedom and prosperity to the American people.
Federal Propositions
Posted by don   •   Wednesday, 2012-December-05
Most states have a form of legislation that empowers its citizenship called State Propositions. It is a process where the citizens actually write and make law. What happens here is that when there is a controversial subject that the politicians of the state do not want to get involved in, because they may hit the third rail and lose their next election, is brought directly to the people of the state to make the decision on the subject. This can be done by either the legislature writing up the proposition and giving it to the state voters for a vote or the state voters filing a petition with a certain amount of signatures that will cause the proposition to be put on the ballot. This also brings the state legislatures more in line with the feelings are the wishes of the state voters.
What I'm wondering here is, is it possible to have something like this within our federal government to bring us more into a democracy and a little bit away from the representative republic that we now find ourselves in, getting us down into quagmires when it comes to economics and social issues. This would actually give us a fourth branch of government which has been ignored by the other three branches when it comes to legislation like healthcare.
Anyway is just a thought I don't know how something like this would come about it most likely would have to have a constitutional amendment, but I do believe it would solve many of the problems that exist today. And I know that it would be quite expensive for say a group of people to come up with a enough signatures for a petition to get something on the ballot but it would make it possible and just that threat alone would help the decision-making process in Washington. Also when something gets too hot to handle it would allow the legislatures to hand it off to the citizenship to give the final word on the subject.
Predictions In 1910 About Income Tax Results - ALL True!
Posted by Mr Tea   •   Saturday, 2012-December-01
"A hand from Washington will be stretched out and placed upon every man's business; the eye of the federal inspector will be in every man's counting house . . . . The law will of necessity have inquisical features, it will provide penalties, it will create complicated machinery. Under it, men will be hauled into courts distant from their homes. Heavy fines imposed by distant and unfamiliar tribunals will constantly menace the taxpayer. An army of federal inspectors, spies, and detectives will descend upon the state." ------- Virginia House Speaker Richard E. Byrd, 1910, predicting what would happen if a federal income tax became law.
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