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If a government is large enough to give you everything what you want

it is large enough to take everything you have.

-Davy Crockett

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance,

and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

-Winston Churchill

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Immigration Vote Splits Gang of 8
Posted by don   •   Saturday, 2013-March-23
The Senate’s bipartisan immigration working group split along party lines during a contentious budget vote to prevent illegal immigrants who receive legal status from receiving federal health benefits.
The Senate early Saturday morning defeated the amendment to the budget resolution which would have put the Senate on record as opposing access to health care under Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act for undocumented immigrants who get a green card. The amendment, which failed 43 to 56, was offered by Senate Budget ranking member Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.
All Democrats — including gang members Dick Durbin of Illinois, Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Charles E. Schumer of New York and Michael Bennet of Colorado — opposed the amendment. They were joined by Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska. All other Republicans — including immigration negotiators Marco Rubio of Florida, John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona — supported the amendment.
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Obama's next move and wealth confiscation?
Posted by Mr Tea   •   Sunday, 2013-March-17
Is there a danger of the Obama administration of following the precedents being set in Cyprus of confiscation of 10% of all savings deposits in the country's banks? Obama continuously is forcing us towards a European style of government of redistribution of wealth. The EU apparently sees no negatives in their plan of socialist confiscation of citizens bank accounts for the good of the whole.

Socialism is failing in Europe and falling apart in front of our eyes, but our leadership in America fails to see the truth as it unfolds in front of them. Eventually the liberals are going to run out of other people's money, what then?
Many Democrats are starting to back away from Pres. Obama
Posted by taxbilly   •   Monday, 2013-March-11
Many Democrats are starting to back away from Pres. Obama in attempt to solidify the their house and senate seats in the upcoming election of 2014. According to Politico present Obama has said that he is ready to do whatever it takes to help the Democrats win the House next year.
The stakes are very high in the upcoming election because of the possibility of the Democrats controlling all branches of the government, allowing them to press forward with his socialist agenda and growing government to the point where it becomes larger than the private sector. Obama knows that he can't get this done as long as Republicans have any kind of foothold in the legislative process.
If Obama can illuminate the Republicans from having any say in the power structure in Washington, they will be able to fill their dreams of confiscation of all firearms, elimination of private health insurance, and complete control of the industrial complex by use of EPA regulations and carbon credit legislation.
The trouble Obama has is that the Democrats are fearing his policies are backfiring on them in their local jurisdictions. Many of them are starting to distance themselves from the policies of the Obama administration. They have expressed that once they regain their election they can go back to their attack on the United States Constitution and way of life.
Posted by don   •   Saturday, 2013-March-02

Obama EEOC: Employers Who Screen Convicted Felons May Be Liable
Posted by Bob   •   Friday, 2013-March-01
“An employer’s use of an individual’s criminal history in making employment decisions may, in some instances, violate the prohibition against employment discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.”  

—Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) memorandum, "Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964" 
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